DCP General Membership Meeting: August 25, 2018

Join us for our Annual General Membership Meeting and First Annual “Board Awards” held on August 25th at 7pm, upstairs at Dexter’s Pub. The current DCP Board of Directors thinks there have been some pretty outstanding people who have went above and beyond this past season, and we would like to recognize them!

DCP’s General Membership Meeting open to all DCP members—if you’ve participated in any DCP show in the last 5 years, congratulations, you’re a member! DCP Members have the ability to vote on all issues, including Board of Director elections and changes to our Constitution and Bylaws.

The primary focus of this meeting is to elect our next Board of Directors. All DCP members aged 18 and older are eligible for election. Would you like to join the board? A Nomination Form is now available at the link below for you to fill out to be placed on the ballot for consideration. You may also nominate yourself (or a friend) at the meeting if you plan on attending. You do not need to be present at the meeting to be voted onto the board, but you do need to be present to have your vote counted.

CLICK HERE for more information on the proposed changes to our Constitution and Bylaws, as well as a list of all nominees for the Board Awards.